The 10 cheapest things you can buy from the most valuable luxury firms

Louis Vuitton continues to lead this ranking produced each year by WPP and Kantar. We dive into the 'top ten' of the list to select what is the most affordable that we can find in each one.

  • Excluding travel guides, a card holder is one of the most accessible products you can buy at Louis Vuitton, the brand that is ranked number one on the list of the most valuable luxury brands, according to data from the BrandZ โ„ข ranking. This one, made of canvas with the famous Damier print, has gold studs inspired by the classic travel trunks of the house. It has three card slots and is priced at 190 euros. If we expand the budget hairpin a little more, we can get a silk scarf. The LV Iconic model bears a print that refers to the contribution that Georges Vuitton made to the world of travel, with its S-Lock closures and the legendary luggage labels of the house. It has a price of 265 euros.

  • Chanel is the second most valued luxury firm according to the BrandZ โ„ข study. In addition to the occasional card holder, the most economical you can find to wear the famous double 'C' is an elastic hair band. You have it in various color combinations, from the classic black and white, to the always stylish blue, red and white and it is priced at 290 euros.

    If you aspire to have the quintessential symbol of the maison, the camellia, then you should raise the budget a little more and reach the 350 euros that this model made of silk and small size costs.

  • One of Hermรจs' star products is undoubtedly its printed silk scarves. The French firm ranks third among the most valued brands and it is possible to get the smallest format (45x45 cm) for a cost of 170 euros. In addition to the occasional purse and caps, another of the most affordable products you can find is a lacquered metal hat pin with a logo, for 190 euros.

  • If you dream of wearing the famous Gucci logo, the fourth most valued luxury brand of 2019, you can do it for the modest price of 90 euros. It is what some of their socks cost, such as these stockings with the legendary GG Diamond embroidered that will cover your entire leg.

  • To get a Rolex product, a brand that occupies the fifth place in this ranking, you have to shell out a lot more money. Specifically, the 4,500 euros that costs one of its cheapest pieces, the Oyster Perpetual 26 mm watch.

  • At Cartier, next on the list, we also encounter difficulties if we want to contain the budget. Of course, forget about getting any of his spectacular jewelry. With the exception of the alliances, whose price is around 670 euros, the most affordable thing that we will find in their windows is this Santos ballpoint pen, lacquered in steel with palladium-colored details and which has a price of 295 euros.

  • Burberry, with his famous change of logo and creative director, is in seventh place. You can get a bit of history of the English house on a very tight budget, with these white socks with the famous logo for 45 euros.

    If you are one of those who is moved by nostalgia, you can also buy for a little more, a reissued vintage print scarf. The 'Society' is a design from 1991 that is rescued from the archives to print this handkerchief, yes, of reduced size, which costs 150 euros.

  • Dior, in eighth place on this list, allows you to show off your logo and some of its most iconic prints at a relatively affordable price. The cheapest thing you can find in its fashion section is a mitzah or silk bow to decorate bags, wear around the neck or on your wrist. For 160 euros you can get a piece of printed fabric with the iconic toile de jouy and the logo.

    For a little more, 190 euros, you can collect your hair with this double elastic band with the embroidered logo that the models wore in the 2019 spring-summer show.

  • At Saint Laurent, the penultimate brand on the payroll, we have it easier and with a tight budget we can get a cotton scarf printed with paisley motifs and the brand's initials intertwined. This design of 65x65 centimeters has a price of 95 euros.

  • For 190 euros we can get the star accessory of the Prada spring-summer 2019 show, the headband with extra volume made in satin. The fashion accessory that fixes your look is from the brand that occupies the last place on the list of most valued firms.

    For the same price, you can show off your logo every time you exchange WhatsApps or talk on your mobile.